corporate social responsibility

Stimulate innovation as it is committed to a positive and active role within Kuwaiti society

Tamdeen Group’s CSR efforts stimulate innovation as it is committed to a positive and active role within Kuwaiti society, in recognition of the importance of the private sector’s role and its responsibility towards the public good and the sustainable development goals of the nation through the Social Responsibility Policy that has been developed to ensure that the Group contributes to the sustainable development of the society.  
Aiming to foster and support the abilities and talents of Kuwait’s future generations, we encourage the youth to adopt a culture of voluntarism in specialized fields.

Tamdeen Group is a keen contributor and initiator of various social responsibility activities, especially Kuwait’s cultural heritage activities.


Enhancing the Urban Landscape
Al Seif Staircase Project - 2020

Tamdeen Group worked jointly/partnered with public sector entity Diwan Al Amiri and Parallel Studio on a project to rehabilitate the staircase opposite Al Seif Palace, adjacent to the Arabian Gulf Street.   

Tamdeen group facilitated the execution of project through design consulting, material selection, project management and fast-tracking contracts to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. Additionally, Tamdeen Group fully funded the project with a 60,000 KD investment and granted intellectual support through experienced engineers to aid the revival of Al Seif Staircase. The project emerged as a youth initiative to improve the aesthetic elements of the public areas to match the urban development in the country, while maintaining its history.

vision to build a generation of tennis champions
Kuwait Tennis Federation Headquarters - 2018

The Kuwait Tennis Federation, affiliated with Kuwait Public Authority for Sports, has been elevating Kuwait’s position as a leading destination for professional tennis players since its inception. Tamdeen Group embraced this vision to build a generation of tennis champions and interpreted it by initiating the fit-out of the Kuwait Tennis Federation headquarter at their own expense at the cost of KD 3 million, covering every aspect including design planning, construction, sourcing materials, furnishing the entire space as well as implementing modern facilities, offices and equipment throughout the new establishment.

The headquarter building is located in the Sheikh Jaber Al Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah International Tennis complex, within 360’s newest expansion.

Engaging the Youth
SoMu Square, Mubarakiya - 2015

SoMu, an abbreviation of South Mubarkiya, is a Kuwaitiyouth concept that combines Kuwaiti heritage with modern design. There generation of an area that enjoys a strategic location in Kuwait City close to Souk Al Gharabally and Souk Al Safafeer that dates back to the 19th Century.   

The rehabilitation of SoMu is a collaboration between Tamdeen Group, Kuwaiti Municipality, and other developers. Since the project’s inception, Tamdeen Group has been a strategic partner from concept to execution which entailed integrative planning, landscaping, sourcing materials and securing official approvals.  

Tamdeen Group fully funded the project with amount of 40,000 KD to the development of the area which included the reconstruction of the entire floors, the cultivation of surrounding areas, as well as the development of lighting fixtures, water fountains and seating areas.   

Given a new lease of life through this forward-thinking cooperation, SoMu is now a vibrant destination surrounded with water fountains, tree-lined walkways, and attractive lighting. It is range of shops, restaurants and cafes are a big draw for Kuwait’s urban youth. 

Keeping Culture Alive
Awlad Amer Band Headquarters - 2009

The Awlad Amer folk band is one of the most renowned traditional Kuwaiti folk music bands, which has been performing various Khaliji musical arts, most notably particularly Ardha, since the era of Sheikh Mubarak Al Sabah to this day. Believing in Kuwait’s heritage, Tamdeen Group took in charge to design and construct the band’s new headquarter completely at a cost of 250,000 KD.

This entailed design planning, furnishing and securing governmental approvals. The band’s headquarter is located in South Sabahiya, and was inaugurated in 2009 under the patronage of the band’s honorary president, by His Excellency Sheikh Jaber Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah.

Moving with the times
Development Study of Salem Al Mubarak Street - 2007

Salem Al Mubarak Street, in Salmiya, extends from Harun Al Rashid Street to Ras Al Salmiya and from Hamad Al Mubarak Street to the Arabian Gulf Street, and is one of the most bustling shopping streets in Kuwait. Tamdeen Group, in cooperation with the Municipal Council, and other private sector companies, has conducted a study to assess development of Salem Al Mubarak Street and the surrounding areas.

Enhancing the Coastline
Wattiyah Coast Development - 2000

Tamdeen Group partnered with Kuwait Municipality and other developers in a joint venture to regenerate the Wattiyah coastal area, with the design, parks and improved urban areas.