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Threesixty foodhall


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vibrant and lively concept

Threesixty Foodhall introduces a new concept that aims to reshape and transform the local culinary landscape. Located in the heart of 360 Kuwait, this thrilling contemporary marketplace plays on a classic European style food hall with a modern twist. Vibrant and lively, the market place conjoins local chef proprietors and food purveyors to offer an eclectic selection of foods and beverages handpicked by individuals who are passionate about their craft.



Harmonious ambiance

High ceilings and an exquisite setting welcome visitors to a wide selection of restaurants, bakeries, confectionary boutiques and specialty café stations. The lush indoor vertical garden at The Nursery is filled with blooming greenery intertwined with tropical plants exuding a harmonious ambiance for an exceptional culinary journey of taste and scenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows separate the hall from TheTerrace, a copacetic patio overlooking the immaculate tennis courts of theRafa Nadal Academy, ensuring an entertaining and exciting outdoor dining experience.

Mindfully curated by local concept

Artisanal flair architecturally embodied into this intriguing space mirrors the dining experience mindfully curated by some of Kuwait’s most popular food concepts. A flower truck, fromagerie, produce, and bakery kiosks are placed throughout the hall in specially designated areas. The culinary world at Threesixty Foodhall is further elevated by ‘Off the Menu’, an exclusive initiative featuring food pop-ups, cooking classes and culinary workshops. Exuberant and full of life, this prime dining destination is ideal for guests craving a delicious, sensory journey like no other. Whether its socializing over one ofKuwait’s most infamous culinary creations or a quick grab-and-go, Threesixty Foodhall is set to provide an unforgettable experience.

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