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The biggest indoor go karting track in the Middle East
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unique rooftop karting coming soon in al kout mall

A rooftop location, 5,000 sqm, at Al Kout will be operating a unique leisure karting facility. The concept would include 2 leisure tracks, a track layout for juniors from 7 years of age and another for adults starting from 13 and above. The track will be an indoor track on a unit of around 3,800 Sqm including an existing mezzanine of around 1,000 Sqm.

longer track

track layouts

Track layouts will be designed to be used with electric karts and there will be a possibility to merge the two tracks together making it a longer single track. Q8 Karting will be located on the rooftop of Al-Kout Mall (10th floor). Location will have a dedicated main access from inside Al-Kout Mall and/or other lifts from the parking. We will operate a store within the mall as an entrance to Q8 Karting with a customer service reception to accept customers’ bookings along with a path to the elevator displaying our products.


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