Number one Radio Station in Kuwait

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Fm 88.8 holds the distinction of being Kuwait's inaugural private radio station, commencing operations in 2005. Since then, it has consistently secured the top position in the country, boasting the largest commercial market share. This achievement has endured over the years, a testament to its popularity among both local and Arab audiences, as affirmed by Ipsos Radiometry.

The station has effectively captivated diverse age groups with its dynamic content, regularly updating its offerings to engage listeners. Catering to Arabic speakers aged 7 to 65, Fm 88.8 addresses a spectrum of topics, from entertainment and social issues to legal, health, historical subjects, and more. Renowned professionals in these fields contribute to ensure high-quality content, fostering a strong connection between 360FM and its audience.

Prioritizing the demographic's needs, the station covers a wide array of subjects, including traditional Kuwaiti history, games, sports, news, and movie updates. By featuring experts in these domains, 360FM ensures that listeners receive the best possible content. To maximize outreach throughout the day, especially during the three distinct segments of the Kuwaiti market, Fm 88.8consistently introduces fresh ideas and interactive methods. This commitment to innovation aims to enhance engagement and maintain the station's connection with its audience.

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