May 16, 2008


16 May 2008

TAMDEEN REAL ESTATE company was selected as the "Best Developer” a Retail Project Award in the Middle East and North Africa for Madinat Al Fahaheel Project, which was awarded for its distinguished achievements and performances in the field of real estate investment and development, during the Abu Dhabi City Scape Exhibition 2008, one of the most highly recognized real estate investment and development exhibitions in the region.

The ceremony was a special dinner event that took place during the inauguration of the City Scape Exhibition, held in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday May 14th, 2008. The ceremony included the distribution of Excellence Awards in architecture, with the aim of honoring real estate companies within the investment and development sector. TAMDEEN REAL ESTATE Company was selected for the award due its persistence in developing creative and innovative projects within the market, which ultimately contributes to the prosperity of the number of projects, and supports the growth of economic sectors, eventually creating many job opportunities. Furthermore, it maintains the physical character and the general architectural outlook of the region. The candidates for the Abu Dhabi City Scape Exhibition award were selected by a judging panel which consisted of a number of international experts within the real estate sector, all worked to distribute different awards within 16 categories.

The prizes were distributed amongst the participating candidates and groups on the basis of completing their projects, or the ones currently under construction and even the ones that are still yet to come in the future. It further relates to the standards that pertain to their contributions in the field of understanding the fundamentals of real estate business, which presents their creativity through innovative ideas and achievements in the field of urban and environment development throughout emerging countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mark Goodchild, director of Abu Dhabi City Scape Exhibition said: "The Middle East Awards in the Abu Dhabi City Scape Exhibition 2008 had witnessed strong competition through the quality of projects and promotions that were presented by the participating companies." He pointed out that the main objective behind the launch of these awards is to celebrate the excellence in the performance displayed by the real estate companies and institutions, and to highlight the achievements in property development and upgrade the overall performance of the real estate sector.

Madinat Al Fahaheel is regarded as a fully integrated and diverse project that incorporates the Fahaheel waterfront – Al Kout, and Al Manshar towers (which includes Al Manshar shopping center and other towers for housing and office use), Al Manshar Rotana five star Hotel, and a multi-storey car parking building that will be built later on. The Fahaheel waterfront – Al Kout has become a landmark in Kuwait, where the facade is a development of sensitive marine environment and an expansion to local culture. The redevelopment of the Al Manshar towers has increased the commercial area for the market, which was originally built during the 1970s. It is now regarded as one of the most important destinations for shopping, entertainment and housing while having first-class hotel services being provided by Al Manshar Rotana Hotel.

The company has a long record that includes the completion of several projects that have been recognized locally, regionally and globally, one being the Euro Money award for the Best Real Estate Developer in the year 2007 and another award for Leadership in Achievement in the year 2007, organized by the Higher Committee of the Sixth Conference on the role of development and infrastructure (BOT) within private sectors for Al Kout. Finally, the Fahaheel waterfront- Al Kout, which was developed by TAMDEEN REAL ESTATE Company, was awarded with the “Best Architectural Project” amongst 13 participating projects and nine other participating Arab countries competing in a recent competition held in Doha. The project is highly recognized and is considered one of the most prestigious projects that achieved great success.