May 14, 2024

Tamdeen Group’s Warehouse Mall hosts the Real Estate Union & Kuwait University Students

Al-Marzouq: The Initiative Highlights Tamdeen Group's Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and National EducationalDevelopment in Kuwait

The Real Estate Union recently organized an informative field visit for students from the College of Business Administration (CBA) atKuwait University. The visit—coordinated with Dr. Sulaiman Al-Bader, AssistantProfessor of Finance—was hosted by Tamdeen Group at The Warehouse Mall in South Sabahiya. During the visit, students were given insights into mall operationsby a team of executives from Tamdeen Group. A walking tour and round table discussion covered project development, financing, operations, profit strategies, leasing approaches, and tenant selection processes.

The session was highly interactive, with students engaging actively by asking questions and interacting with the stakeholders involved inThe Warehouse project.

The event was fruitful, resulting in positive feedback from students who toured the property, enhancing their understanding of commercial complexes and shopping centers.

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Bader emphasized the importance of such practical experiences for students, noting that these visits help bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world practice. He mentioned plans to increase the frequency of these field visits to enrich students' practical knowledge in the real estate sector.

Speakers from Tamdeen Group expressed their enthusiasm about participating in the event, reaffirming their commitment to mentoring and guiding youths interested in real estate. They commended the students' interest and engagement, particularly in areas such as operational management and tenant selection, which are crucial for the success and profitability of any real estate project.

Mahmoud Dawood Al-Marzouq, CEO of Tamdeen Real EstateCompany KSC (TAM), highlighted the importance of educating students on the intricacies of leasing and maintaining long-term tenant relationships during crises. He emphasized the significance of business ethics and integrity, especially during unforeseen economic downturns.

Al-Marzouq stressed the value of providing students with hands-on experiences that would prepare them for future careers in real estate, while also underscoring the sector's role in the national economy. Here iterated Tamdeen Group's dedication to its corporate social responsibility by investing in the training and education of students in various aspects of commercial real estate.

This successful event highlights the Real Estate Union's leadership in offering work shadowing experiences that prepare students for challenges in their future career in Kuwait's real estate market