August 28, 2012


Tamdeen Group Corporate Offices has been internationally acknowledged by SHAW CONTRACT GROUP, for the “Design Is…. 2012” Award which honors architecture and design firms that are changing the very idea of what design is.

The criteria of the "Design Is...2012" Awards - Global submissions needed to describe how the Shaw Contract Group product fit into the bigger picture of the project. Judging was based on the overall design, design brief, unique challenges and the process and results of the final project. Market sector winners were established by a panel of 6 distinguished judges from various services within design industry and final selection was determined by on line voting of People Choice Voting. The Tamdeen Group – Corporate Offices project was selected out of 285 entries from 19 countries.

Colacion Studio designed the new 55,000 square foot corporate headquarters of Tamdeen Group, a prestigious Middle Eastern real estate development company, based in Kuwait.

Tamdeen Group and Colacion Studio joined forces to create a dynamic and forward-thinking interior to reinforce Tamdeen's brand and mission statement, "Deliver the Promise," and to celebrate the firm's cultural heritage and diversity. It was also important that the design reflect the firm's vision of the retail experience in the Middle East, and its commitment to the surrounding community. Colacion Studio focused on creating a dimensional, elegant and contemporary physical space, which translated the Tamdeen brand both internally and externally.

In addition to honoring the Tamdeen Group's commitment to its community and history, there was also a need to celebrate its diverse international workforce. With Colacion Studio's attention to work and play, the firm created a planning and design approach which spoke to each person's professional and community personas, reinforcing the diverse cultures within Tamdeen Group. It was this approach, which assisted the firm in creating a visually exciting and dynamic environment celebrating its culturally eclectic workforce.

The open plan areas, workstations and private office spaces were modulated to accommodate diverse work styles, and future organizational shifts.

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